Available now in ten (10) different sizes!



Our connectors are made of aircraft-grade extruded aluminum 6061.  After machining, they are sent out for a black anodized finish.  We are constantly developing new connectors; if you have a special requirement, please call us and we may be able to help.  New “T-Rex” connectors greatly simplify the entire process of Post & Beam framing, saving both time and money!  In addition, our “T-Rex” connectors are engineer-approved and available only at Connecticut Post & Beam.



Currently, we have the following CONNECTORS available:


PRICE             SIZE                                ITEM #        Prices include pins and GRK fasteners (not shipping)


$  18          3.5″ x 3.5″            3535

$  37          5.5″ x 5.5″            5555

$  39          6″ x  6″                 6060

$  44          6″ x  8″                 6080

$  49          6″ x 10″                6010

$  54          6″ x 12″                6012

$  49          8″ x  8″                 8080

$  54          8″ x 10″                8010

$  59          8″ x 12″                8012

$125          8″ x 12″ 3-way     CRW


Call Pete at 203.534.8771 to order and pay with your credit card conveniently over the phone in minutes!



Begin your project by ordering our “T-REX” Connectors today!


1.  Order “T-REX” Connectors alone.


Whatever your project requires, we are ready and willing to work with you.  Whether it’s a barn, a gazebo, a sign post, or a deck rail – call us to discuss what will work best for your venture.  Our “T-Rex” connectors are all made of structural grade aluminum with an anodized black finish and include pins and GRK structural screws, and can also be purchased alone.


2.  Order “T-REX” Connectors with one of our Available Plans or we’ll draw a custom plan for you!


This is by far the easiest and best alternative for you to construct your building.  We offer many different available plans, one of which is sure to suit your needs, for $250 each.  Custom plans start off at $1.60 per square foot.*  You may also be interested in the tooling system we’ve developed which is necessary to cut slots and drill holes in the beams you’ll be using.


Get your contractor involved!  Ask him to give Pete a call at 203.534.8771

to learn how simple this system really is.




Click here to view a short video of our new portable chainsaw adapter, the Accutech Micro Mill, that rotates for ease of use.  Make the cuts required with our “T-Rex” connectors quickly and accurately!



* Connecticut Post & Beam, LLC performs drawing and fabrication based on customer specifications.  Our available plans and custom plans may require additional engineering in your specific area.  An independent engineering firm should be consulted to verify use and loading.  We can assist you with this, but the cost will be based on your location.