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Using “T-Rex” Connectors greatly simplifies the construction of Post & Beam by eliminating the need to cut mortise-and-tenon joints.  Save both time and money using our method in your construction!


Make your next connection take six minutes instead of an hour!





“T-REX” Connectors are made from 6061 structural grade aluminum.  Our most common sizes available:


3.5″ x 3.5″ –  5.5″ x 5.5″ –  6″ x 6″ –  6″ x 8″ –  6″ x 10″

6″ x 12″ –  8″ x 8″ –  8″ x 10″ –  8″ x 12″ –  3 way 8″ x 12″


See our Price Sheet for our pricing schedule.  For more information and pictures, click our “T-Rex” Connectors page.  For engineering specs, please see our Resources page.



We have found that using the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill (shown on left below) is the best way to cut slots for our “T-Rex” connectors.  We can provide you with the chain saw mill and the proper drill jigs to complete your project in record time.


Click here to view a short video of the Micro Mill, a portable chainsaw adapter (shown above on right) that rotates for ease of use.
Make the cuts required with our “T-Rex” connectors quickly and accurately!





Discover the option that best suits your DIY needs:



1)  “T-Rex” Connectors, or


(2)  “T-Rex” Connectors with a choice of available plans, or we’ll create a custom plan for you.



Click T-REX” Connectors to visit our Gallery for more specifics on each option we offer.




Call Pete at 203.534.8771 to place your order and pay conveniently over the phone with your credit card.


How will you use our “T-Rex” connectors?  Use your imagination!  Whether it’s a barn, a gazebo, a sign post, or a deck rail, you can use our “T-REX” Connectors with your project.  Whatever your project requires, we are ready and willing to work with you, and we ship plans and connectors anywhere in the United States.  


Post and beam framing with “T-Rex” connectors


We only use our unique connectors in the construction of any size Post & Beam building. Our exclusively designed post and beam connectors are extruded from 6061 structural grade aluminum, which is used in everything from ship building to skyscrapers.  In addition, our “T-REX” Connectors are engineer-approved and unavailable anywhere else.


Connecticut Post & Beam is a company dedicated to preserving Post & Beam construction with innovative, affordable alternatives.  We have taken this complicated and time-consuming mortise and tenon process to a new level!  You will be amazed how quickly your barn will be assembled using our unique “T-REX” Connectors along with pre-slotted, pre-drilled beams.