Pete Charest is the Founder and Co-Owner of Connecticut Post & Beam, LLC.  He is also the owner of Country Road Hardware, LLC, another Connecticut-based company that designs and manufactures the   “T-REX” Connectors and other barn-related products.


Pete is a lifelong Connecticut resident and attended Bullard Havens Technical School in Bridgeport, CT.   He started his career as a machinist and quickly moved into first line supervision, working for DuPont in the Bio-Medical Division, but without the opportunity to change things was very frustrating for him.  With his wife Arlene’s encouragement and their combined enthusiasm, Better Barns was started and over the past 35 years has became one of the most highly respected small modular barn companies in New England and beyond.  Better Barns has been featured in such magazines as Today’s Homeowner, Popular Mechanics and Fine Homebuilding, to name a few.


Pete sold Better Barns in 2008; he had thought it was time to retire, but didn’t like it out in the pasture.  He’s BA-A-A-CK and has come up with a totally new method of constructing post and beam frames.  He is eager to get you started with your own Post and Beam project anywhere in the country.





Greg Butkus was born and raised in Woodbury, CT, beginning his career in construction before he even had whiskers!  As a teen he worked for Better Barns summers and weekends while attending Nonnewaug High School.  After graduation, Greg moved into a fulltime position with Better Barns.   He quickly moved into a foreman’s position because of his ability to work with customers and get the job done.  His wife, Sharla, can testify that he puts in long hours and works very hard.


Greg always wanted to be his own boss and like Pete, moved on when Better Barns was sold in 2008.  He started his own business and continued to develop new skills; he uses the latest CAD software to design post and beam frames to a customer’s satisfaction.   When you are ready, he looks forward to drawing up a custom plan to accomodate your needs.





Laurie Sharp is the Co-Owner of Connecticut Post & Beam, LLC.  Another New England native, she lives happily in Southwest Florida now where she can remain warm year ‘round.  She is the oldest of Pete and Arlene’s many creative and energetic children, one of two who are involved in their businesses.


Her career began late, after her own children were grown, contributing to company development by providing traditional and Internet marketing, as well as training and administrative support wherever she worked.  Laurie also shares a love of building and an appreciation of wood, with its clean lines and simple functionality.


As a partner, she brings to Connecticut Post & Beam organizational skills and a great smile.